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An AICD graduate proudly
finishes one of his projects
- a perfect 20 inch sphere -
Student ice carver
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Below is a representative sampling of the 1000's of highly profitable, custom ice sculptures that Paul Germain created for commercial venues such as brunches, weddings, company parties, fundraisers, celebrities, television talk shows, and promotions over the past 35 years.

All of the ice sculptures pictured were created in Paul's specially designed freezer studio. Once completed, the multi-block sculptures were disassembled and then transported by freezer trailer to their respective event locations, where the sections were then fused back together for final display.

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ice castle

ice carving coach

portrait ice sculpture woman

lexus ice carving.cell phone ice carving.anniversary ice carving


bmw ice bar.sled ice bar

double ice sculpture

bruce williams ice sculpture.

.children's ice sculpture.triple ice arch

ice swan

porsche ice sculpture

chevy ice sculpture

wedding cake ice sculpture..

.two swans.buffet ice sculpture

Freedom in Christ

elvis presley ice sculpture

ice sculpture world


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