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An AICD graduate proudly
finishes one of his projects
- a perfect 20 inch sphere -
Student ice carver

Location! Location! Location!

AICD is world those who value the best.


AICD is currently in the process of
relocating from Fresno, California to

Oak Ridge, Tennessee!


Oak Ridge is a very beautiful area with federal status as a National Park
due to its historical significance as the Secret City in the lushly
forested mountains adjacent to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Due to the sheer enormity of the move and all that is
involved with re-establishing the studio, we are
not currently offering reservations for instruction.

Update: the first stage of the relocatin is complete.
We are now living in Oak Ridge.

The installation of high amperage electric panels needed for the freezers
and power tools has finally been approved! Rebuilding and outfitting the
new AICD training studio can now begin.
There is still a lot to do.
We are hoping to be up and running again by this time next year.

AICD Studio

AICD studio entrance

In the 1990's, Paul Germain purchased the above pictured beautiful custom property (a unique Frank Lloyd Wright design) in Old Fig Garden, an historical collection of county estates in Fresno, California. This property provided the Academy of Ice Carving and Design an ideal setting for one-to-one private instruction for over two decades.

Now, AICD is being relocated in closer proximity to major travel hubs that better serve the travel needs of chefs who are coming from great distances.

As with our studio in California, no detail is being spared to make your visit a world class training experience... and also an amazing get-away!

In addition, the property's design allows Paul and his wife, Robin, to provide the optional AICD VIP Suite Package for returning professional chefs and carvers who desire an all-in-one package which includes instruction, deluxe accomodations, and delicious meals suitable for visiting chefs and professional ice carvers from around the world.

Click here to view many of the tools used in AICD's Ice Carving Programs.

Click here to view a portion of AICD's refrigerated ice carving area.

The Academy of Ice Carving and Design offers safe, ideal carving conditions, resources, equipment, and comfort for your one-to-one private training experience. AICD's training studio is located less than 45 minutes from McGhee Tyson Airport, which provides the ultimate convenience for our international students who may wish to add a visit to various historical and entertainment venues.

If you are planning to extend your travel plans, many popular Recreation and Entertainment opportunities are available.

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"It doesn't matter how far it is, it is very important to do this course!
No importa lo lejos que este, es muy importante hacer este curso!"

Luis Martinez, CPIC, CMIC1, Ice Bar Madrid
Madrid, Spain


Hotel Assistance

AICD will be happy to provide transportation between
your hotel and the AICD studio each day of instruction.

Ask about AICD's VIP Suite Package for returning professional chefs and carvers who desire an all-in-one package which includes instruction, deluxe accomodations, and meals.


Popular for providing the most features, convenience, and reasonably priced accomodations...great all-around values!

Several excellent hotels are within 10 minutes driving time to AICD. Note: AICD can pick you up at your hotel in Oak Ridge each day and also provide transportation back to your hotel each evening.

Hotels are also available within just a few minutes of the AICD studio. We will be happy to make your reservations and assist you with anything that will make your visit more convenient and comfortable.

Upon your request, we can email a map showing
the location of these hotels in reference to AICD.

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Travel Assistance

McGhee Tyson Airport - TYS in Knoxville, Tennessee

Airport Terminal

AICD is about 45 minutes from the TYS airport.

- Airlines Serving TYS -

- Car Rentals at TYS -

An extra benefit of providing private, personalized instruction is that AICD can adapt your training schedule to meet your professional needs, as well as the time zone that you are accustomed to.

Please let us know how we can best accomodate your flight arrival/departure times and special circumstances.

If you are traveling by air, please leave some extra room in
your luggage for your complementary AICD Handcrafted
Stoneware Mug, Tool Bag, and your Certificate Plaque.

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