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AICD Affiliations and Recommended Resources

AICD is world those who value the best.

AICD graduates, ice carvers, and chefs around the world ask AICD to recommend
resources for purchasing ice sculpture related equipment, supplies, and support services.

"Thank you Paul and Robin for the wonderful learning experience and first class hospitality!

We arrived at the Academy of Ice carving with no carving experience and very little knowledge. Paul and Robin made us feel very welcome and comfortable from the start. We enrolled in the course to find out if we would like to become ice carvers and if so, how to start an ice carving business. Paul Germain is a terrific teacher and a very talented ice carver. He gave us an immense amount of knowledge and hands on experience. We learned what a beautiful art ice carving is, and it has enchanted us! Paul gave us all of the knowledge and resources needed to start our own ice carving business. The information and hands on experience that Paul gave us is invaluable and we couldn't have started our business without his help!"

Jeanne and Adam Williams, CPIC, Frozen Rose Ice Sculptures
Kelowna, BC Canada

Providing far more instruction than what mere demonstrations of complex carvings can provide, Paul Germain's totally immersive, one-to-one, hands-on training techniques and real life applications make even the most detailed features of AICD's fascinating instructional programs come to life. Paul's break through methods of training prove to be nothing short of contagious for highly motivated chefs, culinary instructors, and professional ice carvers who want it all - their testimonials then say it all!

Based upon 30 years of personal experience and client testimonies, we are pleased to refer the Top 30 resources for ice carvers. The owners of these resources did not pay a fee to appear on this list.

To maintain the integrity of this list, please let AICD know of any non-working links or other concerns.

If you would like to recommend an ice carving resource that is not on the following list, please let us know. We will be happy to provide a complimentary listing and link.

Please let these fine companies know that you were referred by AICD.

A note to the companies listed below:

Please provide a link to AICD from your website.
This is a very good way to show appreciation for our efforts.

The link is:

Thank you, Paul Germain

Advantage Drills Inc. Can manufacture custom drill bits, router bits, etc.
Valuable information-based site for ice sculptors
The nation's largest culinary association - an important supporter of chef carvers
Ice sculpting books, videos
Manufacturer of clear ice carving block maker
Enormous variety of ice sculpture die grinder bits
EZE-LAP Diamond chainsaw sharpeners
Grainger Industrial Supply Lifts, tools, router bits, gloves, equipment galore.
Click here for many pages of hard-to-find router bits
Greg Dorrance Co. Ice carving saburrs
Harbor Freight GREAT prices on a fascinating variety of tools
A variety of ice molds

EVERYTHING an ice carver needs!
Click here for AICD's popular tool recommendations featuring the most essential and cost effective tools needed for chefs to carve just about anything (including logos) - all for about $2,100.
A $100 discount is available for AICD alumni from Ice Crafters.

For alumni who received AICD's training for starting their own ice carving businesses, we also provide a more comprehensive list of the most essential and cost effective tools. This list features about $6,000 worth of tools and related items.

CNC, lathes, lifts, and more for ice carving
Ice Carving Club Henry Ford Community College Ice Carving Club
Designs, ideas, and techniques for ice carvers
Ice Molds Ice mold machines Custom ice carving tools, bits, lights, trays, apparel, power tools, and more
Ice Sculpture Central Blog for ice carvers
Ice Sculpting the Modern Way - textbook
Ice Sculpture Molds Reusable ice sculpture molds - for use in freezer
Equipment and books for chefs and ice carvers
Enormous variety of ice carving die grinder bits
Disposable ice sculpture trays, etc.
National Ice Carving Association
NICA School of Ice A Wealth of Ice Carving Tips
Sharpening service for ice carving tools
Culinary association that supports ice carving
Everything for keeping ice sculptors warm
Pumps and accessories for ice block making
Carbide coated rotary tools
Resource for sculptors in general
Sculpture House Sculpture Stands, Tools, Resources
Floating ice sculpture displays
Fireworks for ice sculpture displays
Lifts for building large ice sculptures

Be sure to read what chefs and career ice carvers have shared about their experience at AICD.

Wisdom worth repeating:

Pay now or pay later

Back in the 1800's, Englishman John Ruskin had quite a lot to say about the high cost of paying too little.

He wrote: "It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money and that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do".

Ruskin is also credited with another gem well worth mentioning. He said,
"I have no quarrel with those that sell for less. They know what their stuff is worth".

This wisdom is even more important when it comes to securing the kind of high quality, comprehensive instruction that makes amazing careers and reputations possible.

Please read what our alumni have shared...



In addition to providing comprehensive private ice carving instruction and ongoing support for graduates from around the world, AICD will be hosting special events featuring well known leaders in the ice sculpting industry who have distinguished themselves in either the commercial or competitive arenas.

Please send Paul Germain an email indicating that you would like to be notified about these events. These events will be scheduled based upon student interest.


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