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"Paul's class is a truly incredible experience! I learned so much that is going to help me with not only ice carving but in life as well. I still cant believe how much I learned from him. Paul is a great instructor that forms the class around you and brings out the artistic side in everybody. He is like Master Yoda with his ice carving knowledge and precision with tools, he's just not as old. He stayed late and helped me get my project done and I am extremely grateful. I recommend Paul's classes for anyone interested in ice carving. Thanks Paul!"

Dan Kelley, CCIA

"I am so happy I traveled from the Bahamas to Fresno. The time spent at AICD was amazing. Chef Paul is a wonderful teacher and excellent mentor. With the professional training I have received from AICD, I have a new outlook on ice carvng. I am so proud to have been part of this program. Now with my professional training from AICD I can go back to the Bahamas and show the true artist in me. AICD is the best place for ice carving training. I will never forget this school."

Ancilleno Solomon, CCIA, Jr. Executive Chef Sous Chef, Luciano's of Chicago, Nassau, Bahamas

"I learned so much about the science (mechanics, physics), art history, and culture of ice carving from a kind professional (you, Paul). Understanding my brain and art are amazing. For me, the understanding of myself and the art form of techniques and beauty are now open and I wil use the tools of ice carving and thinking to look at the ice and what I really can do. Thank you."

Richard Faria, CCIA, Senior Chief Food Service Specialist, U.S. Coast Guard, Petaluma, California

"First, I have to say thanks to Paul and his wife for everything. My experience at AICD was amazing. I went there with little knowledge and Paul taught me great things. Paul is a very knowledgeable guy and has a lot of years of experience. I recommend AICD to anyone who is looking to learn or to increase their skills in ice carving. Thanks, Paul."

Sergeant Ramon Barreto, CCIA, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

"I hope all is well and I just wanted to say thanks again. I did learn so much and thanks for staying up late with me to finish the tiger logo.

Art in ice That is so nice, Paul and Robin set you up right.
The teachings you'll get, You'll have for your life.

You can make whatever you dream, anything your imagination has ever seen.
You'll learn cuts that are so clean, make that ice pop like a big diamond ring.

You'll learn tricks of the trade, Paul has secrets to show.
Things that make guests really say whoa.

You're taught to see things that you never did know.
If I can go back, I'll once again go."

Stephen Evan - Chef, Writer, and now Certified Chef Ice Artist (CCIA),
Missouri Athletics, University of Missouri

"Paul is just the best to learn from. Wow!! So much to know about ice carving, and you will not find a better teacher than Paul Germain. He drives you to think like an artist, and when you are done you are an artist. AICD is the place to go!! I will take what I learned with me for the rest of my Ice Career. The word will be spread - AICD is the place to be. Thank you!"

Craig A Welsh, CCIA, Executive Sous Chef, St. Francis Yacht Club,
San Fransisco, California

"From the great hospitality and comfortable surroundings to the excellent expert training, it was all good...I came into this training with the need to learn how to sculpt and received 10 times more. The art lesson was positive and gave me a glimpse of the artist in me. Well worth the time and money. Thanks Paul and Robin."

John Wojcik III, CCIA, Bellingham, Massachusetts

"It was an amazing experience going through the Food Artist program. The Food Artist program gave me all the techniques and confidence I needed to create beautiful designs. All of the instructors made me feel capable of achieving my goals as a carver and as an artist. This program is a great tool for all chefs that want to add more beauty into their work...Thanks a lot for making me feel at home."

Natalia Rivera, CFA, Sous Chef, Hotel El Convento, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

"As soon as I walked in to Paul's home and studio it was obvious that countless hours have been put into the design of AICD. The studio is perfectly formatted to train and learn every aspect of ice carving and design. Paul has not missed one detail to train professionals at the highest level.

After completing the Certified Instructor of Ice Carving program through AICD, I am very confident that I can take the years of knowledge Paul has passed on to me to effectively train young students at a high skill level. I would recommend AICD to anyone who has the will and dedication to be an excellent Ice Carver. I look forward to taking my newly acquired skills to the culinary industry and showing off my talents. I am also looking forward to the partnership between AICD and the Job Corps centers throughout the United States. In doing so I will be able to professionally certify our students through the accreditation we have recieved through AICD.

Jeff Lee, CCIA, CPIC, CIIC, Culinary Arts Instructor for Job Corps, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"A wealth of knowledge. Covers all aspects of starting an ice carving business. Your experience and stories that you share are priceless and cannot be found in any books. Also respect the fact that you let me make mistakes to figure it out on my own, but were there for help and assistance and all the answers. Also opened my eyes to art and the confidence that anyone can draw. I will never look at drawing the same way again."

M. Cedric Bezanson, CCIC, Chef, Java U Catering, Quebec, Canada

"A lifetime of learning in three days. Phenomenal and packed with information and trade secrets! I highly endorse this training. It's worth it with the feedback and one on one interaction. I really appreciate how you customized my training."

Giovanni Delrosario, CEC, CCE, CCA, CCIC, Program Director, Associate Professor, Executive Chef  for Los Angeles Harbor College, Lancaster, California

"This has been one of the biggest learning experiences I've ever had. I've realized, thanks to Mr. Paul G, there's an artist in everyone and not to be afraid of being creative. There's no doubt in my mind that I'm leaving Fresno being by far a better carver, can't wait to go back to my country and put into practice all the techniques I've learned here and get out there showing people my art work. I'm really thankful to Mr. Paul and his beautiful wife for receiving me in their home and bringing out the artist in me. Muchas Gracis."

Veronica Rosa Hernandez Lopez, CPIC, Chef, Mexico City, Mexico

"I am teaching at the Culinary Arts Institute at Utah Valley Universtiy. This ice carving course has been a fantastic experience, learning new insights into what can be done with a block of ice. Paul has provided me with so many different options on carving techniques, my head is still spinning trying to absorb every detail. I truly can recommend this course to anybody that is interested in learning from the best."

Franz Kubak, CEC, CCIC, Utah Valley University Culinary Arts Institute,
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Thank you Paul and Robin for the wonderful learning experience and first class hospitality!

We arrived at the Academy of Ice carving with no carving experience and very little knowledge. Paul and Robin made us feel very welcome and comfortable from the start. We enrolled in the course to find out if we would like to become ice carvers and if so, how to start an ice carving business. Paul Germain is a terrific teacher and a very talented ice carver. He gave us an immense amount of knowledge and hands on experience. We learned what a beautiful art ice carving is, and it has enchanted us! Paul gave us all of the knowledge and resources needed to start our own ice carving business. The information and hands on experience that Paul gave us is invaluable and we couldn't have started our business without his help!"

Jeanne and Adam Williams, CPIC, Frozen Rose Ice Sculptures
Kelowna, BC Canada

"It doesn't matter how far it is, it is very important to do this course!
No importa lo lejos que este, es muy importante hacer este curso!"

Luis Martinez, CPIC, CMIC1, Ice Bar Madrid
Madrid, Spain

"The instruction that I received from Mr.Germain was priceless. Already being a cursory carver and knowing the basics, I learned how to capitalize on time management, presentation, and instruction to a vast array of tools and their purpose. He makes it look easy and definitely helped to build confidence in my abilities.

Paul offers a one on one that adjusted to my specific skill level. Learning the basics of art it self, I am now able to look at any object and replicate it without any intimidation.

The hospitality was top notch and I felt more like a family member being taught the techniques and secrets to a craft long ago mastered and passed down. I left feeling more confident ,knowledgeable and rounded, not only as student of carving , but in life in general. Thank you Paul and Robin, hope to see you again."

Executive Chef Eric Miller, CPIC
Hilton College Station Conference Center, Texas

"I received the instruction and hospitality beyond my expectations. Paul Germain made me feel at home. I was immersed into all aspects of Ice Carving. The emphasis on drawing and the use of clay was extremely helpful. The Studio was well equipped and Paul Germain demonstrated all their uses.

AICD's Hospitality was like being at a Fine Bed and Breakfast. The one on one instruction was exactly what I needed. Being a chef, I will definately let those in my industry know about AICD. I look forward to returning.

Since taking your class, I used that information to start and work into our curriculum an ice-carving class for students of the culinary arts program that we have here at Orange Coast College. The class I instructed was a 5 week course that was built upon creating ice sculptures that would be used at our scholarship pre-awards dining event. Each year the event is themed and this past year it was done around literature (Alice in Wonderland). Attached are some photos. There are two ice tables with characters from the novel. We had to use your wonderful ice luge, and had 5 of them in a row with the chefs pouring the beverages behind them. There also were ice bowls made that were used for punch bowls as well as flower arrangements. The initial class was a pilot class and is now working its way thru curriculum.
Thank you, Paul!"

Executive Chef Thomas Selzer, CEC, CPIC, General Manager of Instructional Food Service, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California

"I could never imagine ice carving as such an amazing and fascinating work. Paul Germain has that magic skill to get the best a simple block of ice can offer and the power to make people to get acquainted in that magic. I will do my best to put what I learned as a continuation of his work here in Brazil! "

Paulo Flores, CPIC, CMIC1, Brasilia, Brazil

"Dear Paul & Robin,

Let me begin by stating that my research, time and effort paid off! By contacting the ''best'' in the culinary field, the Culinary Institute of America, I was referred to only the best!

To take on the challenge of learning a whole new platform in my profession, compromising my instruction was not an option. As an Executive Pastry & Sous Chef, adding Ice Carving would only enhance my career. Being taught by the # 1 top recommended instructor, I couldn't fail personally or professionally!

I can proudly say with taking your Certified Professional Ice Carver (CPIC) Program, I exceeded all my expectation's! The intense physical and mental training I received during my visit can only be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity - one that every Chef should have in his or her career.

As the old saying goes, ''You get what you pay for.'' My company paid for the best, and without any doubt, received the best. Completing your program has given me the confidence and ability to set new goal's, tapping into my artistic creativity. I had such a wonderful experience in such a short time - your hospitality, easy going atmosphere, and most importantly, your patience to teach any Chef who has a passion to be challenged on every level.

Thank you again for making all thing's possible. I look foward to seeing you and Robin again when I complete my next level in your program! Your knowledge is priceless and I'm deeply greatful that you offer it to other's."

Respectfully yours,

Lynn Debra Gouveia, CPIC, Executive Pastry & Sous Chef,
Dunes Club - Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

"What I liked best about AICD was its hands on and one-to-one training. Paul has the patience to answer questions about techniques!

The school is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways of teaching because of Paul's background as both a teacher and an artist. I was very satisfied with the classes, the instructor, the hospitality, and the training!"

Victor Aguilar, CPIC, Owner/Sculptor, Diamond Ice, Indio, California

"After researching other courses, I felt AICD offered more of what I was looking for, particularly one-on-one instruction. The variety of tools and reference material was extremely helpful. The classes were well planned and very informative. The instructor was experienced and very knowledgeable about art and sculpting.

Paul and Robin were great and made me feel comfortable during my visit. The training exceeded my expectations. I left AICD more confident in my ability to safely create sculptures that would enhance my business. Paul is an excellent teacher and the one-on-one training is ideal for anyone at any skill level. I appreciated the extra time the instructor provided to complete my project. He also offered excellent business advice and tips on developing my ice carving business.

My experience at AICD was wonderful. I started using what I learned in the Professional program as soon as I got back. Since that time (in just two months) my business has gone from selling 5 ice sculptures a month to 5 a week - and continues to increase. The training truly exceeded my expectations!"

Bill Bush, CPIC, Owner/Sculptor, MidCity Ice Company, Decatur, Georgia

"From the moment I met Paul he shared his vast amount of knowledge in ice carving. His facility has the latest tools used in todays business and is the ideal training ground for new upcoming carvers and mature carvers. Thanks Paul."

Executive Chef Brian Asch, CPIC, Annapolis Yacht Club, Annapolis, Maryland

"Paul is definately knowledgeable in the ice carving and design field. He made me change my approach to a more artistic one. I would highly suggest his programs for any carvers who wants to take their skills to the next level."

Brad Groesser, CCIC, Instructor, Iowa Community College, Council Bluffs, Iowa

“I had created ice carvings in the past, and went to AICD to improve my skills. I'm so glad I did. Paul treated me so well, and he genuinely cares about his students' success. The one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn such a detailed craft. I wouldn't change a thing. The food was great - thanks for the nice meals.

I hope to return and take the next level in the future. Thank you, Paul for offering this program!”

Andre Giebe, CPIC, Owner/Sculptor, Park City Ice Carvings,
Park City, Utah

"The one-on-one training I received really allowed me to focus. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. The training was excellent- very informative. The classes were very intense.
Mr. Germain really knows his stuff. Everything is laid out for you. He was very patient with me, (not knowing much about ice carving) and brought out my artistic side. I cannot thank him enough. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll get back for the Master Class."

"AICD took great care of me. The hospitality was great.
Mr. Germain and his wife were so welcoming and nice. It made the trip and my stay that much more comfortable. My stay in Fresno was perfect."

Anthony Rametta, CPIC, Chef De Cuisine, IP Casino & Resort,
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

“Paul, our culinary program will never be the same! Since incorporating your world-class ice carving techniques and amazing training methods in our culinary program, we have dramatically increased our fundraising and student recruitment. In addition, our students’ confidence has increased due to their ability to safely accomplish the dazzling and profitable ice sculpting feats of a very privileged few.”

Billy Redd, CEC, CMIC-2, CPIC, ACF Chapter President, Bay Culinarians, Culinary Instructor, Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, Florida

"Ice Carving is a blast and knowing how to do it right makes it that much more fun! It's amazing how much you can learn in even one day of training at AICD. "

Jim Driscoll, CAIC, Corona Del Mar, California

"Mr. Germain is at the top of his field and I wanted to learn from the best. I like that it was an all inclusive course that he tailored to my schedule. The classes are very interactive. The instructor is a master of his craft. The hospitality is very inviting and friendly, and the training is professional, safe, understandable, challenging, and creatively inspiring. Above all, it was fun! "

Raymond Valdez, CPIC, Chef/Owner, Kings Catering, Hanford, California

"I took Paul's ice sculpture course from 12/12/08 to 12/14/08. The course was very intensive. I learned an amazing amount in a very short time. Paul was a great instructor and he shared his expertise with me in an extraordinarily engaging manner. With his help, I made a Buddha ice sculpture which I didn't think was possible, and I am proud to be one of Paul's graduates. I would definately recommend Paul's AICD course to anyone interested in ice sculpture."

Li Shih, CPIC, Chef/Owner, Potstickers Asian Grill, Newark, Delaware

"Paul, I would like to Thank you for doing an awesome job in my training for the Ice Carving Class. I thought you did a great job and it was a pleasure to have had the privilege to meet such a genuine person. I look forward to putting all that you taught me into practice and "doing my homework". If you ever need a letter of recommendation, please let me know, I can't say enough about my experience with the training I've received from you. The training was very professional and safe. It will also be my privilege to recommend you for this class.

Thank you very much for everything! I hope I have the privilege of working with you on my masters."

Executive Chef Gonzalo Higareda, CPIC, Oak Tree Country Club, Tehachapi, CA

"Paul Germain is a true expert of his craft. He will make an ice carver out of any of you in little time. The training is intensive and it's a lot of information to take with you. It's well worth it for any future ice carvers out there."

Matthew Stone, CPIC, Georgia

"The training puts you through real world situations and scenarios so not to panic if situations arise. I look forward to practicing my new skills. Very good program. Very informative with a wide range of tools and techniques. Not only can I sculpt, I can now draw, too."

Christian Orea, CCIC, Pastry Chef, Valley View Casino and Hotel,
Valley Center, California

"After Arriving at Mr.Germain's home, he made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. The atmosphere that Paul and his wonderful wife create is perfect for learning. With the knowledge and and skills that Mr.Germain has he is fully able to answer anybody's questions. When Paul is teaching, he makes sure that everything he is teaching you is explained very thoroughly. The hands on experience is priceless. Paul is a wonderful teacher that wants to make sure that when you leave, you will be leaving with confidence and pride because of the capabilities you have achieved.

When I was younger I wanted to carve! But I wasn't sure if I had the skill to create art from fruits and vegetables. Although I did not have much knowledge of carving, Paul started showing me and explaining how anybody can be an artist. If anybody gets the opportunity to learn from Paul Germain, it is a sound investment. He has taught me skills that will further my career as a chef. Again, thank you for all the skill and knowledge you have taught me."

Stephen L. Merton, CFA, Sous Chef, City Bank Texas, Lubbock, Texas

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Ruskin is also credited with another gem well worth mentioning. He said,
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